sabato 20 dicembre 2008

Himalayan Project - Unearthed Hurt And Other Disappointments

New 2008 CDR brought to you by Chee Malabar AKA Oblique Brown of Northern
California's Himalayan Project. These are remixes and unreleased tracks from HP made between 2006 and 2007. After the recent underground success from their
latest 2007 album "Broken World", and Chee Malabar's solo album "Oblique Brown", HP is currently hard at work in the studio grinding out more tracks for their official upcoming 2008 album.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2008

Label: n/a


01 04:34 Chee Malawho (Remix)
02 03:21 All That I Got (Remix)
03 03:53 Last Sermon (Remix)
04 01:20 Macacavelli's Theme
05 03:50 Pass The Baton
06 04:00 Hope Sinks
07 06:03 The New Juice Crew (Ft. Abstract Vision)
08 03:17 Lyrical Shahadat


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