venerdì 16 gennaio 2009

Daedelus - Love To Make Music To

Genre: Electronic, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Experimental, Club, Pop

Year: 2008

Label: Ninja Tune


01. Fair Weather Friends
02. Make It So (Feat. Micheal Johnson)
03. Twist The Kids (Feat. N'Fa)
04. Get Off Your HiHats
05. Hrs:Mins:Secs
06. Touchstone
07. Car(ry) Us
08. I Took Two
09. My Beau (Feat. Erika Rose & Paperboy)
10. You're The One (Feat. Om'mas Keith)
11. Assembly Lines
12. Drummery Jam
13. Only For The Heartstrings
14. Bass In It (Feat. Taz)
15. If We Should (Feat. Laura Darlington


Daedelus - Make It So

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