martedì 13 gennaio 2009

Subtitle - How2beat the beat03

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2009

Label: n/a


1 mix intro
2 my computer is popular
3 push the line
4 no after you (facebook’d rendezvous) feat: juan huevos
5 every-body
6 campus paris freestyle interlude with rhymin riddlore? of CVE and juan huevos
7 sticc it
8 pub chic (txt msg follow-up)
9 mr. oizo commercial
10 caller say what
11 I won’t_she won’t OR wallflower power
12 I (and I) need a banger drum beat
13 b.p.p. interlude
14 walk alone
15 H.I.F. loves me knot (black cab open ended sentence)
16 briefcase rockers commercial 001
17 REPLACE and rewind!! (desperately seeking swagger)
18 outro


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