giovedì 15 gennaio 2009

Detroit CYDI (Can You Dig It?) - The Rhyming Dictionary

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2008

Label: n/a


01.Intro (Feat. Arka of SuperSci, Prod. by Erik L)
02.It's Nothin' (Feat. Stryfe,Stray, Prod. by Erik L)
03.Show n Improve (Prod. by Illingsworth)
04.Too Cool (Prod. by Illingsworth)
05.Based On a True Story (Prod. by Illingsworth)
06.NASCAR (Feat. Stray, Prod. by Illingsworth)
07.Front/Back (Feat. Neens, Prod. by Erik L)
08.We Go (Prod. by Erik L)
09.Roll (Feat. Notion, Scoop SOS, Stryfe, Prod. by Erik L)
10.Outro (Prod. by Illingsworth)
11.Clappintheyhands (BONUS)


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