venerdì 12 dicembre 2008

Chicago's Hardest Working Vol. 3: The Celebration

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2008

Label: Greg Lewis


1. Intro
2. Prelude To The Hits
3. Alpha With No Omega
4. Beautiful feat. The Primeridian
5. A Name You Can Call Me
6. What You Do For A Dollar
7. Cool Intentions (An After Work Set) feat. Cristina & Hall Of Fame
8. You Know What It Is feat. Stedy Serv
9. Land Of Make Believe feat. Trizonnz McClendon
10. You Go To My Head
11. High feat. Ang 13
12. When We Rock feat. Iomos Marad
13. No Fallin' feat. O Type Star
14. Dance With Me!
15. En Fuego feat. Thaione Davis
16. The Dream Maker (Management 101) feat. Malik Yusef
17. A Happy Song
18. Do You feat. Pugs Atomz
19. Thought For Food feat. Rashid Hadee
20. Don't Give Up On Love feat. Psalm One
21. Broke Than A Mug feat. Tone B. Nimble (All Natural)
22. Past Days feat. Dre Cagney


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