sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Bias B - Bstrumentals 2

Genre: Hip-Hop, Instrumental

Year: 2008

Label: Obese Records


01. Bundle Of Bees (Instrumental)
02. Hit It Some More (Retouched Remix) (Instrumental)
03. Kings And Toys (Royal Remix) (Instrumental)
04. Name Droppin’ (Instrumental)
05. Fire Up (Refried Remix) (Instrumental)
06. Game Over (Instrumental)
07. Catch Of The Day (Rebaited Remix) (Instrumental)
08. Been There Done That (Instrumental)
09. Wordem Up (Instrumental)
10. Goin’ Down (Instrumental)
11. Same Old Song (Instrumental)
12. Changin’ (Rearranged Remix) (Instrumental)
13. Ladies Man (Restudded Remix) (Instrumental)
14. Shit Hot (The Diarremix) (Instrumental)
15. Hit It Some More (Instrumental)
16. Think Twice (Retaliation Remix) (Instrumental)
17. Killin It (Rebooted Remix) (Instrumental)
18. Wordem Up (Reslapped Remix) (Instrumental)
19. On And On (Instrumental)


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