sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Muja Messiah - Thee Adventures Of A B-Boy D-Boyiah - Thee Adventures Of A B-Boy D-Boy

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2008

Label: Black Corners


01 Introspect
02 Tha Madness
03 Get Fresh Feat. Real Spit Rick
04 So Far So Good Feat. Nikki Jean
05 Give It Up Feat. Black Thought
06 Whats This World Coming To Feat. Slug
07 Niggivity (Skit)
08 Beautiful Feat. Samahra (Black Blondie)
09 U Betcha Feat. Real Spit Rick
10 Black Honkie (Skit)
11 Pulling Stings Feat. Real Spit Rick
12 Growing Pains
13 Lights On Lights Off (Skit)
14 B-Boy D-Boy Feat. Real Spit Rick
15 At All Cost (My Economics)
16 Royalty Feat. Maria Isa
17 Pretty Gurrl Feat. Sheffboy
18 Cause & Effect Feat. Musab & Dodi Phy
19 Patriot Act Feat. I-Self Devine
20 Look At 'em Go Feat. Shionaes


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