domenica 14 dicembre 2008

Nomak - Recalm

Genre: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic, Downtempo

Year: 2008

Label: Huge Soul


01. Recalm Intro
02. Sanctuary (Elefante Mecanico remix)
03. Radiant (feat.Melodee)
04. Onepeace (feat. Aaron Phiri) (DJ Deckstream remix)
05. Geishas In the days (feat. Pismo) (Shin-Ski remix)
06. Elemental Music (feat. Melodee) (Dela remix)
07. Hi,Mom! A Prayer for World Peace (feat. Abstract Rude) (Kero One remix)
08. Blessing Dance (feat. Abstract Rude)
09. 1st Commandment is... (feat. Aaron Phiri) (Lark Chillout Elbowdisco mix)
10. One Fist (feat. Pismo) (Iman remix)
11. If I was Peace (feat. Fat Jon) (I.N.T remix)
12. Time Of Reflect (feat. TOR) (Embee remix)
13. Spiritual Home (Feet remix)
14. Recalm Outro


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