sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Factor - Chandelier

Genre: Hip-Hop, Indie

Year: 2008

Label: n/a


1. Out Of The Same Thing (f/ The Gaff)
2. One Record
3. Home Again (f/ Nomad)
4. More Rude Than Handsome (f/ Awol One)
5. The Leen (f/ Josh Martinez)
6. Electric Furs Of A Lynx (f/ Noah23)
7. Moonlight (f/ Josh Fischel)
8. Lonely City (f/ Moka Only)
9. New Day
10. Time Of The Year (f/ Sadat X)
11. Good Old Smokey (My Kanine) (f/ Myka 9)
12. On My Way (f/ Kirby Dominant & Kirby Criddle)
13. Had It Made
14. I Tried To Tell You
15. Wait And See
16. Pray (f/ Ceschi)
17. 21 Chump Street (f/ Cam The Wizzard)
18. Year Of The Rat (f/ Epic)
19. Last Night's Dream
20. Official (f/ AWOL One) *BONUS TRACK*

Download Pt.1

Download Pt.2


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