sabato 13 dicembre 2008

Sene - Anywhere But Here

Genre: Hip-Hop

Year: 2008

Label: n/a


01. Lovely..So Lovely" (feat Prefyx)
02. Raw Quiller (Prod by Chief)
03. Mistakes (Prod by Chief)
04. Fuckin Me Up (Prod by Terem)
05. Ninety Nine Monkeys (Prod by Chief)
06. Piece Of Mind (instrumental)(Prod by Chief)
07. Madness (feat Prefyx) (Prod by Terem)
08. General Warning (Prod by Chief)
09. Demon Love (feat Kissey Asplund)(Prod by Chief)
10. Standby (Frequent Flyer/ Frequently Fly)(Prod by Terem)
11. To Whom This May Concern (Prod by Chief)


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